This is Sam and his sister Grace. They are (as of this writing) six and two and a half.

We are home schoolers who believe that learning happens all the time. This blog is an attempt to chronicle some of that learning. We do not use any formal curriculums or follow a specific educational model, but we are inspired by John Holt (unschooling), Montessori, and Reggio Emilia styles–among others! I’m working on adding links to websites and books that we find interesting and/or useful to the resource page.

My name is Annika. I have been an un/homeschooler–I now use the word autodidact–from a very early age! I attended public school from 4th-8th grade (the last year at a magnet school). My husband Will may post here at some point, too. He attended private schools for most of his education. We met at Antioch College, where he matriculated for five years and I for one.

Looking for a birthday, Christmas, or back-to-school gift for Sam and Grace? Check out Sam and Grace’s Wish List. (Please, do not feel obligated! I am providing this link mainly for grandparents. ;))


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Annika, I’m so pleased to meet you. I came across your lovely blog from Lori’s forum. I am looking forward to reading more. Your life looks wonderfully simple, the kind I aspire to.

  2. Hello, Annika!
    This is a fun site. I am a retired home-educating mom of 25 years. I can’t stop,though, and researched snow hurricanes yesterday, thinking to post on my site. However, I found such a great window of history, I started thinking about others who could use this timely set of info. I looked around and found so many homeschool sites! (I never had support, way back when, and never dreamed there is such a gold mine out there.)
    Anway, here it is:


    If you like it, feel free to use it or pass it along. No striings attached. Just copypaste, if you want. And enjoy! 🙂

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