Growing up in Los Angeles, Sam has only seen snow once (he doesn’t remember) and Grace has never seen snow. That is, they had never seen snow…until last weekend.


Grace touches snow for the first time ever

We were just barely awake on Saturday morning, drinking coffee and getting breakfast, when Will heard from one of the Trailbuilders that it was snowing in the San Gabriel mountains. We grabbed gloves and scarves and piled into the car. A quick trip in the wrong direction to pick up chains for the tires, just in case, and we were off to Azusa andĀ up Route 39 toward Crystal Lake.

We stopped at the Ranger Station and chatted with Tom, whose family moved to the west coast from Chicago in the late 30s, before WWII, and who told us a good spot to go sledding. So we went to the little shop and bought a sled.

The kids thought it was pretty great. They played in soft rain (it was about 36 degrees out) until they were shivering. We had a hot cocoa and drove home.





One thought on “Snow!

  1. When I was 8-ish I had a cousin who came up to visit from Florida. We went outside and she was so excited to find a little piece of curbside snow left over from several weeks before. It was the first snow she had ever seen. She was delighted, but I felt terrible.

    It looks like your kids got an excellent first snow experience and that makes me happy.

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