Making Lemonade


This morning, seemingly out of the blue, Sam asked me if we can make lemonade. I said of course, and quickly discovered that he doesn’t just want a drink–he wants to open a lemonade stand!

We had three lemons on hand, so I suggested that we make a trial run for ourselves. We did that, and while Sam and Grace drank their lemonade I took notes on their ideas. Observing and journaling is an important part of project-based homeschooling, and this is a project idea if I’ve ever heard one. I made a point of showing the children that I was listening to and recording their ideas. Here are the notes I made.

Lemonade Stand!

Set up in City Park (G), at playground (S).
My interjection (the only one I made): Find out rules for selling at park.
-S, M, L cups
-charge $1, $2, $3
Inspired by a Leapfrog movie
-lemonade pitcher (G suggests using our large jar)
-customers (S)
G: How do we spell lemonade?
S: There’s an L at the beginning and an E at the end.
(S) sign should be huge so everybody can see it

Suggested customers:

Ingredients (small pitcher, 2-3 servings):
-juice of 2 lemons
-simple syrup (1/3 cup sugar + 1/3 cup water, bring to simmer)
-water to fill pitcher, about 1 cup

Mix, serve over ice.


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