Free Comic Book Day


May 3rd was Free Comic Book Day. Will took the children to House of Secrets, a comic book shop in Burbank that has since become one of our favorite places. Grace wore last year’s Halloween costume and made friends with the grownup cosplayers in line.


Both children love comics. Grace enjoys the pictures, while Sam has become an avid reader. He still has little to no use for books with only words, but he can read anything with pictures.

Going to the comic book shop has become a frequent outing, and the children often spend their allowances there. Grace enjoys Lil Gotham, My Little Pony, and Hello Kitty, while Sam prefers Hellboy and Mermin.

Last week, the newest Mermin book came in and I took the children to pick it up. Sam has been anticipating the book for months and read it cover to cover in the car. Since I was buying him a whole book, I felt I had to get something for Grace as well, and she chose a My Little Pony collection. Sam desperately wanted to read it, but Grace didn’t want to share…until I reminded her that he can read. To her.