Their Projects


While I struggle to get through the holidays, Sam and Grace do their best to astound me by coming up with and implementing ideas I’d never have thought of.


Last week Sam caught me off-guard when he told me that he doesn’t think he knows how to do anything, because it is too hard. I asked if we could work together on one thing he finds difficult, and he agreed. We discussed some ideas and settled on drawing. This is his second day’s work. I didn’t help at all.


I did help Grace a bit with the drawing (she did the horns and teats herself), and at her request I wrote her name so she could copy it. She started with the E and worked backward.


Not long after that, Sam created a Christmas countdown. He figured out how many days were left, wrote them on the whiteboard, and is circling the current day every morning and crossing it out that night.


Not to be outdone, Grace started building block towers yesterday. Sam joined her and built one of his own. Then Grace brought out several of her stuffed animal friends and built towers for each of them. The blocks were finally put away this morning, but not before Sam and Grace each built one more tower.


Grace on the Case, Girl Detective. Not really a project–just awesome.


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