Sam & Grace at the Renaissance Faire


We went to the Renaissance Faire yesterday. I love our faire. Costumes range from tavern wenches to pirates to barbarians to steam punk and no one gets all weird about it–everyone is just having fun. Anachronisms reign supreme (hoops skirts! Did I mention steam punk?) and it is awesome.

Renting this wagon is the best $15 I’ve spent in recent memory. Pulling it around kind of sucked (though Will did most of that because he is awesome) but it reduced child carrying by about 90% and since it was 104 degrees outside I would have paid double.

sam_0610 grace_0619
Left: Sam climbing the rock wall. Right: Grace was overheated within 10 minutes. Ack.

Will and Sam had a fencing lesson! Sam was actually instructed to make finger guns.

(Did you know? Will fenced at pre-Olympic level as a kid, but opted out of intensive Olympic training because he is smart.)

grace_0629 grace_0643 renfaire13-nowhinning
Left: I took this to show Grace how dirty her face was. She laughed. Middle: Grace makes friends everywhere we go. Right: My new motto.

Aww, what a cute pig thief. Somebody let her go!

Grace started asking if she could ride a horse the minute we got there. And here she is riding her choice of the ponies, Ginger!

Grace in the petting zoo. Will took this picture shortly while I leaned against a tree, trying not to pass out from heat exhaustion.

Me and Grace on the dragon boat. She petted the dragon and called him a good boy in between shrieks of joy.

We ended the day with the jumper. Sam did this two years ago and loved it–and you can tell he remembers.

Grace INSISTED on going too, which made me nervous. I wasn’t sure she would go through with it, and it’s the most expensive ride–but she loved it. LOVED IT. She started jumping before the nice young man could give her a test bounce (which they do for all the little kids) and she didn’t stop until he stopped her when her time was up.

Oh yeah, I took video.

Grace loves jumping! from Annika B. Klein on Vimeo.

Grace’s jump comes to an end. from Annika B. Klein on Vimeo.

It was a long day full of heat exhaustion, but it was SO MUCH FUN. And I think we all avoided sunburn! Huzzah!


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  1. Nice! I showed all of this to Maggie and Ollie, and they are super jealous. Everyone here wants to try the jumper of course! Love getting to virtually share adventures with you guys!

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