Skatin’ Sammy


For Sam’s sixth birthday (eleven months and two weeks ago!) his grandparents gave him a pair of wheeled sneakers (like this). It took a while for him to build his confidence, but for the last month or so he has been zipping around everywhere on wheels.

Since I’ve been training to officiate for roller derby, I’ve learned a bit about skating (though I myself do not skate) and have given Sam some tips–and told him about “whipping,” which is where one skater grabs another skater’s hand and essentially throws her forward on the track. Whenever we go out, Sam asks me to “whip” him (which makes me laugh every time).

Even Grace tries to get in on it! In the first picture, she is pulling Sam down the sidewalk in our neighborhood. (She wants her own wheel shoes, but they don’t come in small enough sizes.)


I got these roller derby shirts from rudechix for Sam and Grace at the last game I worked.


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