By Rocket To The Moon


On the weekends, Will usually gets up with the children and I sleep in a little bit. Whether it is actually sleeping in is a matter of opinion; this morning they all got up around 5:30 and I got up at quarter to 8.

When I came out of the bedroom I was greeted by two cheery astronauts who informed me that they were flying to the moon.

(Grace was flying like a bird in this second picture. While still in their spaceship, as far as I could tell.)

Imaginative play is no longer something that needs to be coaxed out of them. Every day it is something new. They are ghost hunters, superheroes, ballerinas, pirates, kings and princesses. They constantly ask for new costumes and props. Today Grace turned to me and said, with a hilarious hint of annoyance in her voice, “MOM, will you just MAKE ME A CROWN?” Obviously I had no choice.




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