Dressing Up

When my sister and I were little, dress-up was a fact of life. We had a huge trunk of costumes that we used daily. Sam, however, has been a slow convert to the joys of dressing up. This morning he and his dad played a bit on their Lego: Lord of the Rings game, and when they were done Sam asked if he could “be Aragorn and kill bad guys.”

I just happened to have the knitted mail shirt (a knitting pattern I wrote but have not yet published) and the cape, which my mother made probably 30 years ago. He asked for a “king hat” (crown) and I found this crocheted tiara that my friend Chia made for me. Will tied the belt and Sam chose the sword from our collection.


Grace wanted in on the fun, so I improvised this elf costume, using a tunic and hat my mom made (I think for the play of Peter Pan that my sister was in) and a velvet scarf of mine. She is carrying her own bow and arrow–she has been interested in dress-up for as long as she’s been cognizant, and when she saw Brave over the holidays she asked if she could be Merida. Our friend Andrew bought her this bow and arrow set as a birthday present.

Sam is still playing Aragorn, fighting his dad (who he instructed to be a “monster machine”) and sister (who has changed costumes twice, being a ballerina and then a fairy).


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