Saying Yes


The children and I took a walk today. I had to stop at the bank, and Grace had designs on a treat from Starbucks. We did both of those things, and on the way I got a reminder.


I stopped to take the above photo of some pruned rose bushes. I haven’t unloaded photos from my camera or backed up my computer in a while, so there was only 20 available shots on my camera. As soon as I had it out, Sam was asking to use it.

I said no, and promised that next time we’d bring his camera. He was really disappointed and I realized that I was being ridiculous. What is the point of taking my children for a walk and saying no to the way my son wants to enjoy that walk?

So he took these carefully selected shots:



I love his eye. He takes such care choosing his subjects and framing his shots. I am pretty ashamed of myself for coming so close to keeping him from these photographs.

From now on, I will try harder to say yes.


2 thoughts on “Saying Yes

  1. I love this.

    I don’t know why it’s so hard to remember to say “yes” but it really is. I get so caught up in my own plans, and these bright young minds sometimes have a different view and it’s not that “yes” or “no” is wrong, just different than my expectation for the next step in our day. I’m trying really hard for yeses lately, too.

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