Waiting Room

Grace is a creature of habit. (I wonder where she gets it from! Will and I are not like that at all! Oh, wait. We are totally like that.)

One of Grace’s routines is drawing while Sam is in speech therapy. She and I sit in the waiting room, which has plenty of toys and places to sit. I try to get some knitting done if I am on a deadline, or maybe read if I am not. Grace charms Lori, the office manager.

One week Lori gave Grace a box of crayons and some scrap paper. Now Grace asks for them every week. She often wants me to draw things for her, like an elephant or a rainbow. Last week she drew by herself, dipping each crayon in her cup of water first.

I think I will have to get her some watercolor pencils for her birthday.


One thought on “Waiting Room

  1. Ah, so cute! Glad she has a good time and is able to entertain herself. I keep meaning to learn some new art skills but there never seems to be time! I limit myself (in class) to collages, leaf rubbings, wax resist and (on one occasion) Andy Warhol prints. That was awesome. Although curiously children don’t seem to like abstract art, they (mainly, in my experience) like their art to look like the object or scene they’re portraying. End of ramble.

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