Dancing Class

We attended the second dance class (of six) yesterday. Sam had an AMAZING time!

Here he is just before we left, showing me how excited he is:

Here he is during a quiet moment:

He was the only boy this week, but he doesn’t care (I doubt he even noticed). He loves the class, loves the dancing, loves the instructor (Liz), and would be in charge of the whole thing if he was allowed. I don’t know when I’ve seen him so enthusiastic!

All the little girls were in their pink dancing outfits (you can see them in the top photo–I took care to keep their faces out), except one (who wore her favorite monkey shirt):

Grace is a little young for the class. She participates perhaps a third of the time, but I predict that by the end of the six weeks she will be as into it as Sam is.

One of the exercises Liz has the children do is to stretch their legs in front of them and point, flex, and do “happy” and “sad” with their feet. Here are my little monkey’s “sad feet” hiding in a corner with me:


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