A very quick trip to the beach

Today I took Sam and Grace to their first dance class. No, it wasn’t on the beach…but it was only two blocks inland.

After dance (which I participated in, so no pictures!), Grace said, “Now we see a ocean!” And I couldn’t very well argue with her. We still had 40 minutes on our meter so we walked down to the beach.

Grace built a sandcastle. At least, that’s what she told me she was doing. (It closely resembled digging.)

Sam helped for a bit, and then asked if we could go to the water. The waves were not terribly big, and they were very excited, so of course we did. We walked onto the wet sand, found a good spot, and waited.

Right after I snapped this picture, Grace’s feet got wet and she decided that was quite enough ocean, thank you very much.

(We’ve been busy lately! I have a huge backlog of things I want to post about. Stay tuned!)


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