Next Gen

Vivian and Sam play in the “noodles” on the plaza at LACMA

LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has an amazing program called Next Gen that allows all children to get a free membership good until their 18th birthday. Even more amazing is the free admission for one adult per child.

Somehow, my children had never used watercolors before. They both took to it very quickly.

We have not taken advantage of this like we should. In fact, we just went for the second time ever. I’m pretty embarrassed about that. Sam was maybe one and a half last time!

We met my friend Sara, her daughter Vivian (one year younger than Sam), and baby Simon, for a museum play date on Friday. The children ran around, made art in the Boone Children’s Gallery, and listened to stories at the weekly storytime. (Well. Vivian did. Sam and Grace didn’t feel like having storytime.)

Sam figured out how to blot his work when it got too wet.

Grace called me over to see this painting. “Look, Mommy! A bunny!” (See the bunny? Genius.)

Sam was very impressed with Vivian’s drawing and tried to copy her tiger stripes. The drawing in the center is Viv’s; Sam’s is on the end.

I’d like to say that we’ll be doing this weekly, but even with free museum admission it’s not free-free. Parking is $10 or we can take the bus for $6 roundtrip. But I’m thinking we’ll at least go more often than every five years!