Day of the Cowboy

The last Saturday in July is the National Day of the Cowboy (and Cowgirl). This was our third year celebrating at The Autry, our favorite spot in LA. We’ve been museum members for years–toddler Sam and I used to have Mama-Sammy dates, visiting the LA ZOO and then having lunch across the street at The Autry. Gradually this morphed into just visiting the Autry, and Grace has been a member for her entire life.

We go to the museum about once a week, but the Day of the Cowboy is special. There are performances on the courtyard all day–see schedule above. We missed Joey Dillon this year but his show has been wonderful the past and I’m sure it still was; we did catch some wonderful music, and I can’t wait until the children are older and let me sit and listen longer–or maybe even dance!

Even with short attention spans, we had a great time. There were fun posing opportunities:

There was a leather carving station:

There was (be still my heart) a chuck wagon:

There was an old west photo booth:

And what was Sam and Grace’s favorite part of the day?



2 thoughts on “Day of the Cowboy

  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I’ve only taken my girls there once but have lately been thinking it’s time for another visit. Your posts about always make me want to go 🙂

  2. That looks like amazing fun! When I was in Australia the cowboys there were brilliant, they had such jaw-dropping skills (marksmanship, helicopter piloting, being VERY. HOT.) etc. I really, really want to visit LA at some point, it looks fantastic. Glad you had a great time.

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