Art Corner!

Okay, it isn’t a corner. But I set up an art space for the children this morning and I like it a lot! (Here’s hoping they do too.)

Sam hasn’t eaten at the little table in a long time, preferring to take his meals at the big table with us or in front of the TV (oh, like we don’t all like to do that sometimes). Grace has been sitting at it for breakfast and snacks, but I suspect she will be just fine switching to the big table for food and drink–and we need a dedicated art space! I’ve been setting them up on the big table, and it doesn’t work very well. Plus, their supplies didn’t have a dedicated home, which meant they ended up shoved on a bookshelf or something.

Now most of the supplies are hidden in plain sight: the wine box under the table holds crayons, markers, pencils, and stickers, with room for plenty of other things as we accumulate them; the magazine holder that’s tucked behind the basket of blocks on the left holds coloring and activity books, construction paper, and other things to draw on.

I couldn’t find space for their big roll of paper, so I cleared off their bookshelves by the door (about five feet away from the table) and put it there. In the process, their sunglasses get a dedicated spot! They just need a basket. And I am thinking of putting hooks on the wall to the right for their jackets and hats.

This little dry erase activity board was a party favor nearly two months ago, but because I didn’t know where to put it when we brought it home, they didn’t have a single chance to use it until today.

Mischief managed.


One thought on “Art Corner!

  1. It’s just gorgeous. So simple. I love the old chairs….oh and the pig 🙂 I keep messing around with our art corner and I’m almost but not quite happy with it. Maybe I need to simplify things a little and see how they go. That and get some gorgeous vintage furniture! Maybe a trip to the tip shop is in order 🙂

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