Helping Mama

Since I am home full time with them while trying to build a knitting design business, I try to incorporate Sam and Grace into my work as much as possible (sometimes that’s easier than others). My friend Leah and I often trade work to help each other out. We recently met at the La Brea Tar Pits for a photo shoot.

The children and I took the bus there. They talked about it ALL DAY until we left. They were so impatient while we waited–that bus bench has probably never seen that much squirming–but once we were on board they were terrific! Of course, Sam did have electronic distraction, but only while we were sitting; he boarded, held on while we were standing, found us seats when the majority of the passengers cleared off a few stops after we got on, and was the first off at our stop.

The resulting photos came out wonderfully (thank you, Leah!):

I didn’t need Sam for any modeling, so he looked after Grace while Leah and I shot her hats, and played Super Mario Bros while Grace modeled.

Not bad for an afternoon.


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