Learning to Fly

Sam got a red bike for his birthday. (That is what he asked for: a red bike.) He’s a little disappointed that we won’t get him a motorcycle, but he seems to like this one okay.

We’re working on Sam’s balance right now, which is why the pedals are off. It’s a heavy bike, which his previous practice with a Skuut didn’t quite prepare him for, but he’s a strong kid and I think he’ll be ready to pedal pretty soon. (Grace is just about big enough for the Skuut, but she doesn’t want to try it. She loves her little push trike! It is way too small but she doesn’t care.)

(Want to know why we’re using this method instead of training wheels? There’s a great video that shows how easy it is to learn this way.)

While we waited for Grace and Daddy to catch up, Sam posed for me and we saw a helicopter.