This is the under-the-stairs clubhouse I made for Sam and Grace today. In our tiny apartment, with four people and two small closets, storage space is at a premium and we’ve used this area to store stuff for as long as I can remember. It’s unsightly and impractical, and out of sight becomes out of mind.

Yesterday our friends Chris and Elise came over with their daughter Hazel, who is six months older than Grace. (Aside! When I was pregnant, Sam met five-month-old Hazel and fell deeply in love. It was after that meeting that he understood that we were getting a baby of our own.) After we all had brunch, Chris and Will took the three children to a nearby playground and Elise and I tackled the mess. She was so helpful! She kept me focused; made suggestions for what I should keep, what I should donate, and what was trash; and she cut up a pile of old t-shirts and pajamas into rags! My rag bag had gotten pretty sparse.

I finished up today and gave the walls and floor a good cleaning. I’d originally intended to temporarily store a few big items under there while I finish taking care of some other household sorting of things, but making a clubhouse seemed like a better idea. So I did!

The chair is from Pottery Barn Kids–it came with a plain cover, which I took off this morning and replaced with the R2D2 cover. (The chair and extra cover were gifts from Meemaw and Peepaw.)

The poster is for a Squid and Octopus: Friends for Always, which I have not read yet, so I can’t officially recommend it–but it sure sounds great! My friend Jen got the poster at a librarian conference last week and passed it along to me so she wouldn’t have to bring it on the plane home.

We’ve got plans to hang a curtain for privacy (or hiding!) and install something like this for book storage.


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