Pioneer Bowling

On June 21, 2010, the four of us were on an amazing vacation to northern California with my mom and my sister. Sam had just turned four and Grace was nearly six months old.

We’d seen elephant seals on the beach, driven through wine country, visited my grandparents in Santa Rosa, seen old friends in San Francisco, spent the night in the state capitol (in a hotel, of course), and been to the site of the gold discovery that led to the 1849 Gold Rush. It was the last day of adventuring before we drove home, and it was amazing.

We had breakfast and Mel and Faye’s Diner in Jackson, drove past the site of the Butte Store (hee hee), and enjoyed the amazing views.

Eventually, we found ourselves in Historic Columbia.

Typical Sam–he enjoys everything he encounters by climbing on it.

Among other things, the day is notable for being the first time Sam went bowling. HE LOVED IT. He would set up the pins for other kids, and push the ball with both hands when it was his turn, and run alongside helping it along (as he is doing in the picture). He was just SO ENTHUSIASTIC!

That year for Christmas my mom sent him this:

(Skittles is a hand-crafted wooden bowling set, sized perfectly for little hands and easy to set up even if the only non-carpeted spot you have is your dirty kitchen floor. Please note that I am not getting anything in return for linking to it! I just think it is great. Lots of fun and good for hand-eye coordination!)

I don’t know if Sam remembers anything of that vacation. I don’t know if he remembers his first time bowling when he plays with his toy. He probably isn’t thinking about anything but his play–but I think of that first time, every time.