Super Why

Yesterday Grace put on a Superman cape and only answered to ‘Super Grace’ for about five minutes. It was amazing and I didn’t get a photo. (Even if I had, I wouldn’t post it, since she was only wearing the cape.)

Today I took the children to Tarkeet (Grace’s pronunciation), mostly for dental floss and mouthwash (exciting!) but also to look for a replacement for a board game Sam had gotten for his birthday. The game was R2D2 Trouble, and the one we got was defective, but Target has been out of stock every time we’ve gone. Grace spotted the Super Why ABC Game and Sam decided he’d rather get that.

For now, they have to play with a grown-up, because the cards require reading (though some of them can be answered without reading). And really, Grace just wants to use the spinner and identify the characters. But Sam? Has asked me to play with him three times so far this afternoon.