Morning Pages

This week I’ve begun limited television rather severely (for us). The result has been (so far) a lot of fighting and complaining but also a lot of creative play. This morning Sam asked for drawing paper, and Grace–who had been on her way to the bedroom to read a book in bed–changed her course and asked for the same.

Sam asked to draw his numbers (after asking to draw “PS3” and “PS2”–I won’t pretend for an instant that we are anything but a media-heavy family). He wanted visual cues so I got out our sandpaper letters from Polliwog on Etsy. As you can see from his expression, writing is SRS BZNS.

Grace’s preferred method of drawing is two-fisting it. I love seeing the color combinations she chooses! At the top right you can just see the two reds she started out with. She is drawing with green and grey in the photo, though the grey is barely visible as someone left the marker out without its lid.


4 thoughts on “Morning Pages

  1. I love this! Reminds me of being little with my brother and sister, sitting around the dining room table coloring (Rachel), playing with modeling clay (Nathan), and writing (me).

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